ParkRunning and Crosstalking ! Interactive graphs + Linear Regression in R

Park Run Results : Brockwell park 10th June

I am currently in training for a 10km running race. As part of my training I have started doing the park run every saturday morning to get some speed practice. This saturday I did the Brockwell park run in south london and got my second fastest parkrun time of 26 minutes 47 seconds. Park run publishes the complete results each week showing the times of all finishers including details about their gender, age band and their personal best for the course. I decided to use this data to make some charts of the results this week.

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This Blog is Moving!

Starting a new blog using ‘Blogdown’

Today is the official launch of my new blog – I am saying goodbye to my platform here at wordpress in favour of a blog made using the R Studio blowdown framework. This is a for a few reasons, but mainly because it makes writing about programming code a lot easier and allows the analysis and blog to be integrated (without having to hop between R Studio and wordpress as I do at the moment!)

For more information on how I created my new blog : see my first post.

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Getting Started with RShiny

Interactive Visualisations in R

This post was inspired by this competition, hosted by JumpingRivers. The competition asks you to extract data from their GitHub account containing the details of R groups and R ladies groups around the world. With this data it asks you to create a visualisation, of any kind. I’ve been working on my visualisation skills in R so I thought I would have a go at entering.

Geographical data always works well plotted on a map and since there is a lot of information to visualise from all over the world, I decided to incorporate an element of interactivity. The easiest way to do this using R is through the RShiny package. Therefore this project was made up of 2 steps: extracting the data to get it in a form to be visualised and then creating an interactive Rshiny app showing the locations of the different groups on a map. Continue reading Getting Started with RShiny

My Top 10 Films About Maths

Although not quite a mainstream genre, there are plenty of films about mathematicians or featuring applications of maths. I find these films oddly comforting and I’ve watched many of the films on this list over and over again. I love discovering new mathematical films so I thought I’d put together a list of my favourites to help give someone else some inspiration for their next movie night in. Here is a countdown of my personal top 10 (plus honourable mentions).

10. Gifted


This film follows the uncle of a gifted child (Mary) whose mother was a talented mathematician before she died when Mary was a baby. When Mary’s mathematical ability becomes apparent aged 7, Mary’ maternal grandmother seeks to gain custody of Mary in order to send her to a private school for gifted children, against the wishes of her mother who wanted her to have a normal childhood.  This film features the genius ability of Mary as well as a description of the Naiver-Stokes equation that Mary’s mother in the film had managed to solve! Maths Content: 5/10, Plot Rating: 6/10 Continue reading My Top 10 Films About Maths

Code First Girls: Python Course Review!

For the last 8 weeks I have been taking the Code First Girls Spring 2018 Python course, hosted by IG. This is a free course for women who are students or recent graduates with the aim to encourage more women to get into programming and tech careers. These courses are hosted all over the UK, sponsored by various companies and universities.

There are currently 3 different courses you can do: Beginner front-end programming, intermediate Python and intermediate Ruby. I picked the IG London python course. This was for a few reasons – firstly I had done some front-end programming before so thought the beginners course might not teach me that much new. Also I have been intending on learning Python for a while now – I’ve had Spyder downloaded on my computer since Christmas with the intention of learning how to do statistical analysis in Python the same way as in R, however I’ve never quite got round to it. Therefore this seemed like a great opportunity to learn the basics of Python and get started. The advantage of doing a class (instead of trying to teach yourself online) is that you have a set time every week to focus on learning with professional teachers to help you when you get stuck and cover the details you might miss on your own. I often get distracted trying to learn things at home and overwhelmed by the amount of different courses and learning resources available. Finally I chose the IG course because it was the nearest to my work and I could walk there easily after work – very convenient for me !

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How Many Munros have I climbed?

Mapping the Munros in R using ggmap

After learning to plot graphs in R using ggplot2, the next visualisation technique in R I wanted to learn was how to plot geographical data on maps. There is a package called ggmap that works with ggplot2 to allow you to plot maps.  You download a map of your chosen location from google maps and use it as a layer in the ggplot2 plotting system.  I followed the guide in the following blog post to get started.

GGmap has a function called “get_map” that allows you to access a map of your choice from google maps (or from other types of maps such as OpenStreeMap). You can pick your location through text (e.g “London”) or you can input specific longitude and latitude points. You also chose the zoom which determines what scale you want to your map to be and the type of map (Satellite, Roadmap etc.).  After this you can use ggplot2 functions to, for example’ add data points to the map to get a visual look at the locations of your data. Continue reading How Many Munros have I climbed?

Does Everybody Love Black Panther?

Web Scraping Reviews of Marvel’s Black Panther from Rotten Tomatoes using R

Last week I went to see the new and highly hyped Marvel film – Black Panther. I had been out the night before and was severely hungover. However my boyfriend would not allow me to lounge around in bed all day and instead made me get up and go into town. While we were out, we went to see Black Panther. There are definitely worse things to do on a hangover, however I have a feeling my pounding headache combined with the fact that I’m not really a marvel fan anyway (this was only the second marvel film I had ever seen) may be the reason I was the only person in the cinema who did not enjoy the film.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the visual effects and light hearted humour, It’s just that I had major issues with the plot line and thought I was going to be sick most of the way through. Anyway, almost everyone else I have talked to seemed to have loved the film. In fact it is the highest grossing film of 2018 so far. That got me wondering about what data is available online about the movie and what can it tell us about what people really thought of the film.  Continue reading Does Everybody Love Black Panther?